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Factory Manager – Camaçari

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      Camaçari       23/06


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Factory Manager – Camaçari


1、According to the production tasks, responsible for the preparation of monthly and weekly daily plan for each section and organize the implementation.

2、Coordinate and solve the problems in production, ensure product quality and schedule requirements, timely organization and implementation of inspection, coordination, assessment.

3、Responsible for the production work of each section, ensure that the production tasks are completed on time, quality and quantity.

4、Check the operation steps and methods of the workshop staff, correct the operation abnormality of the employees in time.

5、Get a good grasp of equipment management, regular organization of repair and maintenance, to improve the integrity of the equipment and the utilization rate.

6、Responsible for the implementation of processing technology requirements, the establishment of staff workflow.


1、Has management experience (with factory background),

2、Familiarity with production engineering,3+ years of work experience in production

3、Familiarity with workplace safety rules (production and leadership background)

4、Strong work initiative, independence, efficiency, collaboration, and communication skills.

5、Trouble shooter, can work under pressure.

6、Good at both spoken and written English.


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